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  1. Share in the success of a top 10 global network

  2. Improve international referrals and global relationships

  3. Attend member only events and training seminars

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About PKF

About PKF International Limited

Welcome to PKF International. PKF International member firms have been providing accounting and business advisory services to clients since 1969. With representation in around 125 countries, PKF offers local accounting and business advisory expertise supported by global professional relationships wherever you are in the world.

Why choose PKF for your accounting and business advisory services?
PKF International member firms provide clients with a quality service that focuses on the specific needs of each client. PKF member firms work together within the international network to ensure you get the best advice and expertise.

Why should your accounting firm join the PKF International network?
Joining PKF International is your opportunity to join an established, respected accounting network of legally independent member firms where you can benefit from exclusive member resources, share knowledge and international referrals.

Please explore our website to discover the wide range of services PKF firms offer to help your business or firm grow on the international stage. You can also view / download PDF versions from our PKF Publications section.

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